Product Optimization (Conjoint Analysis)

Develop the optimal product using conjoint analysis to understand consumer choices, trade-offs, and attribute importance.


Identify what your optimal product looks like by understanding product attributes, feature and benefit trade-offs, and choices that consumers make.

Our market research consultants will custom-design your conjoint study to help you uncover what matters most to your consumers, and what drives their product choices. Choice-based conjoint analysis mimics a shopping trip, where consumers are forced to make choices between different products, made up of different features and prices, giving us insight into what they value most, and how this drives buyer choices. 

With this choice data, we’ll create a simulator that can predict how consumers would react to any combination of product features and prices you tested.

  • Integrated with Sawtooth Software, a top-rated data analysis company specializing in conjoint methods
  • We deliver a simulator to optimize feature/price scenarios in the future
  • Our expert researchers work with you to design, field, and analyze your conjoint study

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Our team takes advantage of the powerful Momentive technology, so you’ll receive deliverables faster than a typical agency doing manual work.

Quality data

Our always-on approach to quality management including automatic bot and fraud detection ensures the data you capture meets industry standards.

Vast expertise

The research consulting team we’ve built comes from diverse research backgrounds across a variety of industries, so you know you’re in great hands for your Conjoint study.

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