Post Purchase Experience

Learn what customers liked and disliked about their purchase experience to streamline the buying process and reduce support costs.


There are a number of issues that customers may run into as they make a purchase on your website or app: bugs, confusing navigation, a lengthy checkout process, and more.

Discover problems your customers experience during their buying experience with SurveyMonkey Enterprise. You’ll understand what they liked and disliked as they made their purchase, as well as how they feel once they’ve got a chance to use your product or service.

The insights delivered will help you streamline the buying experience, improve your products and services, and reduce support costs.

  • Capture customer feedback after each purchase to measure effort and overall satisfaction
  • Quickly identify specific steps that can be improved to reduce friction in the purchase process
  • Empower your teams to take quick action based on real-time customer insight

Streamline your purchase process

Reduce customer support costs

Measure customer effort to gather insight that’ll drive process improvements and minimize costly repeat interactions.

Give customers a voice

Listen to your customers’ feedback to identify specific ways you can streamline the buying process and improve your products and services.

Increase sales

Reduce friction and increase customer satisfaction to increase sales, customer retention, and referral rates.

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