NPS® Programs

Identify promoters and detractors, understand key drivers behind your score, and take action.


NPS is essential to any CX effort. Even a single relational NPS program can be challenging to get off the ground, but many organizations need multiple programs for different geographies, products, and segments—not an easy task for CX teams.

With GetFeedback, we simplify the task by baking into the product step-by-step guidance and templates to quickly launch your relational NPS programs, so you can spend more time acting on all the critical insights and less managing the technology.

  • Quickly launch and manage one or multiple NPS programs with templates, best practices, and guidance built into the product**
  • Understand the key drivers behind your score and save time with text analytics
  • Ensure time-sensitive feedback gets into the right hands to enable action in the tools your team is already using

**coming soon

Uncover trends with powerful analytics

Use our powerful CX analytics to surface trends and learn why customers feel the way they do about your product, experience, or brand.

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Fuel your business strategy with rich insights

Effortless listening

Trigger personalized surveys through multiple channels that reach customers when they are most receptive.

Intuitive insights

Identify key drivers and uncover improvement areas using advanced analytics.

Salesforce integration

Seamlessly connect NPS data with Salesforce data to get a more holistic view of your customers.

GetFeedback was our platform of choice… With a built-in NPS question and analytics, we could quickly deploy an NPS survey, share results in real time, and create dashboards to plot our changes over time.

Ros Hodgekiss

Customer Success Programs Manager, Campaign Monitor


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