Industry Tracking

Stay ahead of the market with up-to-the-minute industry insights. Uncover shifting category dynamics and what’s driving market trends.


Markets are evolving faster than ever and experiencing rapid disruption—but common data sources often don’t have the consumer perspective needed to truly understand underlying drivers of market trends.

The purpose-built industry tracking solution from Momentive is the most efficient way to monitor why shifts are happening by gathering ongoing insights from consumers and decision makers. Our research consultants will partner with you to design and launch industry tracking studies customized to deliver the proprietary insights you need. 

We layer industry-proven tracking methodologies onto our AI-powered insights platform to instantly surface meaningful changing trends, and customizable dashboards make it easy to see all of your data in one place at-a-glance.

  • Understand consumer behavior trends
  • Identify emerging categories and players
  • Track competitive dynamics and perception
  • Watch how macro trends impact specific industries

Surface market trends instantly

Our industry tracking solution features AI-powered insights that dig through your data to instantly surface statistically significant changes you may have missed on your own. Uncover the demographics and sentiments driving market shifts instantly, so you can act quickly.

Get timely market data with our powerful industry tracking solution

Fully customizable

Collect data and track an industry as frequently as the market is moving. Leverage our expertise to customize your tracker; easily integrate data from alternative sources.

Global reach

Reach consumers and professionals all over the world with integrated panels accessing 175M+ people in over 130 countries. Get consistent, accurate data wave after wave.

Dynamic visualizations

Filter by demographics, geography, or custom questions, and get tailored visualizations for brand conversion funnels. Easily merge results with drag-and-drop dashboards.

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