Guided Employee Experience

Create exceptional and inclusive experiences across the employee lifecycle. 


You want to attract, engage, and retain top employees, but with the Great Resignation and a competitive talent market, knowing how to produce change is hard.

Guided Employee Experience combines industry leading experience management technology with Momentive experts to create exceptional experiences across the employee lifecycle. Put the voice of your employees at the heart of your business.

  • Expert-led solution designed by experts with PhDs in social psychology and consulting experience across industries.
  • Gather and act on powerful employee insights—quickly—so that your programs  remain in tune with what employees need.
  • Know how your employees are feeling with evidence-based survey design and analysis methodologies.

Combine best-in-class Momentive technology with employee experience experts

Partner with our experts today and chart a clear path to an improved employee experience across the lifecycle, from driving talent acquisition to boosting retention and fostering an inclusive culture.


Put the voice of your employees at the heart of your business

Your tailored game plan

Partner with our  experts to understand your employee experience goals, strengths, weaknesses, and establish a personalized plan.

Customized survey building

Based on your unique workplace environment, our experts help you design customized surveys to gather meaningful employee feedback.

Deep analysis and reporting

Receive a full report with actionable insights, dashboards, key drivers, and recommended next steps. 


“We live in a rapidly changing world and a rapidly changing industry. Having up-to-date information on what all our employees are experiencing is absolutely critical for us to engage with them and make good decisions.”

Erin Dangerfield

SVP of People and Culture

Golden State Warriors

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

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