Grant Management

Move the needle further by assessing and amplifying your social responsibility and charitable impact.


Providing grants can be a time-consuming process. SurveyMonkey Apply can help you streamline how you collect and review applications for grants by simplifying applications, automating workflows, and selecting your best candidates, faster.

Intuitive portals for applicants, reviewers, and administrators make the grant management experience easier for everyone, while taking advantage of our flexible, agile solution allows you to amplify your impact and get more done.

  • Manage your entire grantmaking workflow, from online applications through post-award analysis, in one place
  • Create the specific workflows you need with a flexible, agile solution
  • Find and select the best applicants, ensuring that your make the best use of your funds

Leading brands choose SurveyMonkey Apply for grant management

Simplify applications

Clearly communicate opportunities and eligibility, and make it easy to complete forms, upload attachments, and request references with an online applicant portal.

Accelerate reviews

Capture the feedback you need with simple or advanced reviews forms, and make submitting feedback simple and fast with side-by-side views of materials and rubrics.

Streamline administration

Prescreen applicants, automate notification and reminder emails, award or decline, and see your application pipeline from beginning to end, all in one solution.

Leading brands choose SurveyMonkey Apply for grant management

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