Feature Importance (MaxDiff)

Test product concepts, features, and ideas with your ideal audience in less than an hour. Our AI-powered platform surfaces insights instantly so you can spend less time manually analyzing data.

Make better product decisions in less than an hour

Use MaxDiff to identify and maximize the preference for product features, packaging claims, varieties, and more.

Our market research consultants will custom-design your MaxDiff study —also known as Best-Worst Scaling— to help you determine the relative importance of all the different options you are testing with consumers. It is a choice analysis where survey takers indicate the ‘Best’ and the ‘Worst’ options out of a given set, helping to prioritize and quantify the preference or importance of the items on a list.

We deliver high data quality responses by using shorter MaxDiff questions which make for a better survey taking experience. Our expert researchers work with you to design, field, and analyze your


What makes Feature Importance by Momentive different?

Robust methodology

Break larger lists into smaller sets for evaluations. Assess the relative importance using a superior method to ranking or multi-select questions.

Reduced respondent fatigue

Shorter MaxDiff questions make selections easier for your respondents, resulting in a better survey taking experience.

Integrated with Sawtooth Software

A top-rated data analysis company specializing in choice-based methods.

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Fast delivery

Powerful Momentive technology delivers insights faster than a typical agency that performs manual work.

High quality data

AI-Identify key drivers and uncover improvement areas using advanced analytics—for high quality data.

Vast expertise

Collect real-time, dependable feedback across all channels- website, email, SMS, mobile.


Using Momentive, we’ve been able to cut our product development cycle in half.

Jerry Lin

Co-Founder and COO, Helix Sleep

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