Customer Advocacy solution

Automatically capture and transform feedback into case studies, testimonials, reviews to fuel your marketing.


Nothing builds trust with prospects faster than hearing your customers advocate on your behalf—but getting your customers on the record, plus the time and resources it takes to create customer stories, can stand in the way of your advocacy efforts.

With TechValidate, you can create compelling, 3rd-party validated content and proof points in a fraction of the time, leveraging your best spokespeople—your customers.

TechValidate automatically creates advocacy content by capturing customer feedback with customized questionnaires.

You can quickly publish and embed customer stories to support your sales and marketing programs - all without draining precious internal resources.

  • Capture stories and quotes directly from your customers with customizable web-based questionnaires
  • Instantly publish new customer content, then download, embed, and share your new proof points across channels to support your sales & marketing efforts
  • All customer data is 3rd-party validated by TechValidate

Capture 3rd-party validated proof points

TechValidate verifies the identity of your customer participants, then validates each piece of published content with our stamp of approval, ensuring authenticity and credibility.

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Fuel your funnel with real customer stories

Get data to back up marketing claims

Capture hard-to-get ROI metrics and operational results from your customers to build trust with buyers.

Create powerful targeted content

Fuel vertical and persona-based marketing campaigns with highly relevant customer feedback to create targeted content.

Stay competitive

Stand out from the pack in competitive markets using customer proof points to differentiate your offerings from the competition.

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Once we started using TechValidate, it opened up a world of opportunity that helped us create multi-year campaigns and engage prospects, press, and analysts.

Jess Wiss

VP of Corporate Marketing, Duo Security

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