Customer Satisfaction Score

Identify areas of improvement after key customer moments and interactions to improve overall customer satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction is a competitive advantage in the experience economy.

Dissatisfied customers—those whose expectations are not met during an interaction with your company—have ample opportunities to say negative things about your company, and are more likely to churn.

Easily measure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores across multiple channels with branded surveys using SurveyMonkey Enterprise. Enable your teams to respond to feedback fast by triggering follow up actions, especially for low scores, with the Salesforce and SurveyMonkey integration.

  • Survey customers across multiple channels and after key interactions to identify moments that don’t meet expectations
  • See CSAT scores for specific touchpoints, and drill into details and text responses to understand the why
  • Use benchmarkable templates to get started quickly and understand how you stack up

Tailor your CSAT survey program

Personalize Customer Satisfaction Score surveys with customer data from Salesforce for a tailored experience that increases response rates.

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CSAT score and customer feedback

Build a healthier business

Give customers a voice

Listen to your customers across all touchpoints to quickly resolve dissatisfaction.

Reduce customer churn

Identify customers who are about to churn, so you can resolve their issue before it’s too late.

Increase revenue

Increase the number of customer advocates to boost purchases and drive expansion sales.

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Momentive gives us the ability to listen and to truly hear our customers.

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Head of Global Voice of Customer and Continuous Improvement, woom bikes

Leading brands choose Momentive for customer insights

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