Consumer Segmentation

Create profiles of the demographic and behavioral traits of your ideal buyer segments to hone and optimize your marketing strategy.


Buyer preferences and behavior are constantly evolving, so it’s more important than ever to be operating off of the most recent, relevant full picture of your target consumers.

The purpose-built consumer segmentation solution from Momentive is the fastest way to gather insights from your target audience and build profiled segments. Take the guesswork out of study design with our guided methodology, tailored for segmentation research yet customizable for your needs. 

Built-in analysis tools like key driver analysis, AI-powered insights, and crosstab reports help you quickly make sense of your results—and for a more sophisticated cluster analysis, our market research experts provide custom analytics and reporting.

  • Measure product demand by knowing which segments would be most likely to purchase your product
  • Develop a deep understanding of your buyer personas, their preferences, and behaviors
  • Guide campaign targeting by learning which demographic segments would respond best to marketing

Know what drives purchase decisions

Choose a desired outcome metric, like purchase intent. Our key driver analysis will instantly show you which attitudes and behaviors of your target segment have the highest correlation with that outcome.

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Get timely market data with our powerful Consumer Segmentation solution

Guided methodology

Take the guesswork out of study design with our question bank, tailored for segmentation research. Add demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and usage questions.

Global reach

Reach consumers all over the world with integrated panels accessing 144M+ people in over 130 countries with 50+ languages. Get reliable data in minutes rather than weeks.

AI-powered insights

Quickly make sense of your results with built-in analysis tools, like AI-powered insights, that instantly recommend segments, crosstab reports, and multiple export formats.

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