Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition with up-to-the-minute category insights. Uncover shifting market dynamics and see what’s driving brand preferences.

Surface global competitive trends instantly


panelists globally





Get ahead of your industry with AI-powered insights

Our solution features AI-powered insights that dig through your data so can:

  • See which brands are top of mind in your industry
  • Track competitive brand perception over time
  • Keep a pulse on new entrants and category disruption
  • See how you stack up against your top competitors and where you can improve

Key benefits of Competitive Intelligence by Momentive

Fully customizable

Collect data and track your brand as frequently as the market moves. Easily integrate data from alternative sources. Customize dashboards and easily share or export results.

Global reach

Reach consumers all over the world with integrated panels accessing 175M+ people in over 130 countries with 50+ languages. Get reliable data in minutes rather than weeks.

Dynamic visualizations

Filter by demographics or geography, and get tailored brand funnel visualizations. Easily communicate meaningful results using our drag-and-drop dashboards.


We’ll be your partner and an extension of your team

Our market research consultants will design and launch a customized competitive tracking study to help you get ahead, fast.

We can help create customizable dashboards that make it easy to see all of your data in one place, at-a-glance.

Share these key insights with your team so you can make data driven business decisions.


We turned to Momentive for their industry expertise and their ability to guide us in data-driven decision making. When the stakes are this high, we want the best experts guiding our insights.

Brian Sherry

Creative Operations Lead, ClickUp

Leading brands choose Momentive for market research


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