Drive business success with timely insights

See how insights leaders elevate brands and build best-in-class products with market research solutions by Momentive.

Get insights at each stage of the product life cycle

Get a 360-degree view of market trends, brand sentiment, and consumer behavior insights.

Deliver insights to fuel business growth

With Momentive, uncover research to make better decisions for your business initiatives.

Brand Tracking

Improve your brand health and fuel your marketing strategy with always-on insights. Brand Tracking by Momentive will help you keep track of key metrics such as brand awareness, perception, and loyalty, so that you can easily see how your brand performs with your target audience.

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Concept Testing

Get the insights needed to build best-in-class products and engaging marketing campaigns. Use Concept Testing by Momentive to test product concepts, features, and ideas with your target buyers before your product or campaign launches, and get results in just hours.

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Usage & Attitudes

Deeply understand your consumers’ attitudes and behaviors to build relevant products and campaigns.

Ad Testing

See how persuasive your ads are with your target audience before launch to maximize their effectiveness.

Consumer Segmentation

Identify top target buyer profiles and their behaviors to refine your products and campaign targeting.

JUST uses market research to crack the plant-based food industry

“Momentive lets us consistently make data-informed decisions on a very tight timeframe, which helps us get smarter products out there, make better decisions, have a stronger strategy, and improve communications."

Daniel Scharff
Head of Analytics and Insights

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Why choose Momentive for Insights?

Speed to insights

Get results within hours of project launch, and surface insights instantly with our AI-powered capabilities.

Reach niche audiences

Reach your target audience, no matter how niche, with 175M+ respondents and 200+ profiling options.

Robust analytics

From Key Drivers to Sentiment Analysis, our solutions offer in-depth, presentation-ready data.

Innovative brands rely on Momentive solutions



Brand and industry tracking guide

Learn how to get ahead of market and buyer trends with a brand tracker.


A guide to agile concept testing

Dive into real world examples of concept tests and learn how to choose the best idea for any use case.


Insights framework for brand growth

Use our research framework to fuel growth for your brand at every stage.

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