Put customers at the center of it all

Make it easier to know how customers think and feel about your brand, products, and services.

Amplify customer voices across your business

People engage with your brand in more ways than ever. Align your business with their needs.

Deliver better experiences for your customers

Use feedback data to take quick action, improve customer retention, and drive revenue.

Customer Support Leader

Go beyond just CSAT, as you leverage data from multiple channels across the customer journey.

Customer Success Leader

Drive higher NPS™, higher retention, and revenue as you keep customers happy with your products.

Digital Marketing Leader

Create an online experience that’s consistent, seamless, and puts the customer at the heart of critical business decisions.

Digital Product Leader

Identify gaps in the customer experience journey, analyze improvement opportunities, and drive transformation across products.

Ecommerce Leader

Drive revenue growth while transforming digital CX for online buyers.

CRM Administrator

Optimize your CRM data to automate and streamline processes, provide better data, and help take action at the right time.

Let experience be your competitive advantage

Customer satisfaction

Measure Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in real time across multiple channels with custom, branded surveys, while enabling your teams to respond to feedback fast. Spark follow-up actions, especially for low scores, with our seamless integration to Salesforce, and get a complete picture of CSAT with aggregate data across multiple touchpoints.

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NPS programs

Even a single relational NPS program can be challenging to get off the ground. Momentive simplifies the task by infusing step-by-step guidance and templates to quickly launch your relational NPS programs, so you can spend more time acting on all the critical insights and less managing the technology.

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Website Experience

Get actionable feedback from visitors across your sites to improve user experience, save time and resources, and increase conversion.

Ecommerce Experience

Capture feedback from online shoppers without disrupting their experience to reduce cart abandonment and friction in the buying process.

Customer Effort Score

Deliver low-effort experiences that drive customer loyalty by identifying and removing friction from customer interactions.


How PUMA used customer feedback to drive a digital transformation, fast.

“We’re listening to our customers across multiple dimensions in the heat of the moment, and we’re able to take actions and make decisions based on what our customers are saying.”

Joey CasaDeCalvo
Customer Experience

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Why choose Momentive for customer experience?

With out-of-the box dashboards and flexible API, you can quickly deploy your CX program.

Launch in minutes, scale in days

Get survey templates for NPS, CES, CSAT, and more. Make it easy to give feedback on any device with mobile-optimized, branded surveys.

Centralize feedback in one place

Stay agile and iterate your approach to CX as you uncover new findings, all in one centralized location

Give feedback context with Salesforce

Fully integrate feedback natively across Salesforce clouds in a few clicks using managed or custom mappings.

Innovative brands rely on Momentive solutions



CX Maturity Assessment

Identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your program.


The CX Leader Handbook

Learn how to thrive as a leader and strategically plan for the future.


Matt Dixon: The Effortless Experience

Matt Dixon reflects on his book almost a decade later and discusses its impact today.

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