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Propel your research efforts with an AI-powered platform built for speed. Deeply understand your market, elevate your brand, and build winning products with purpose-built insights solutions—tailored to your industry, organization, role, or need.

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AI-driven insights in
hours, not months

Our AI engine is fueled by the 55 billion questions answered on our platform. With an ideal balance of human perspectives and technology, our machine learning models can instantly surface significant trends and sentiments.

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Industry-proven methodologies, agile research solutions

Deep expertise is built directly into our platform to ensure the most relevant, accurate data possible. Get started quickly with our easy-to-follow framework, or customize your study to meet any requirement.


Advanced market research techniques, made uncomplicated

Optimize your buyer targeting, product features, pricing, and other strategies using sophisticated analyses and research techniques, including:

  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Conjoint & MaxDiff
  • Van Westendorp
  • Cluster Analysis
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Accurate data and insights from anyone, anywhere

From consumers to business professionals, reach your target audience with our integrated global panel. AI-driven models reduce the likelihood of bots, fraud, and misuse to maintain high-quality response standards. Get on-demand access to:

  • 175M+ people
  • 130+ countries
  • 50+ profiled attributes
  • Custom screening

A portfolio of insights solutions for any market research challenge

From consumer segmentation to brand health tracking to concept testing, Momentive delivers the data, insights, and understanding you need to make informed decisions.

Market Insights

Understand your market deeply with accurate insights delivered in minutes, not months.

Brand Insights

Elevate your brand by identifying what truly resonates with your audience.

Product Experience

Learn what your users really think in order to build products your customers love.

Expertise and engagement tailored to your needs

From fully-managed market research services to an in-house research program, Momentive consultants act as a trusted partner and extension of your team. Services include:

  • Custom research design
  • Language translations
  • Analytics and reporting
Momentive helps Allbirds take flight

As the Allbirds brand expands globally, Momentive delivers a more agile, dynamic brand insights solution.

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