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An organization-wide commitment to feedback

Most people know the Golden State Warriors as a formidable NBA team, but they’re much more than that. They’re also a celebrated live entertainment company that owns and manages Chase Center, an 18,000 seat stadium that hosts everything from concerts and comedians to documentary screenings—in addition to basketball games.

With such diverse offerings, and a deep commitment to creating incredible experiences, the Warriors know that feedback is a business imperative. The data-driven organization relies on Momentive to not only enhance the fan experience and conduct market research, but also to foster an engaged and inclusive workforce. With actionable insights from their customers, employees, and market, the Warriors are better equipped to make strategic decisions and achieve new levels of success—including an incredible boost to their Net Promoter Score (NPS®).

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A winning fan experience

The Warriors’ customer experience encompasses fans who are courtside at a game, streaming eSports at home, or catching a concert at Chase Center. To ensure a great experience from the jump, the Warriors use GetFeedback by Momentive to optimize their websites and streamline the online ticketing experience.

“It's no longer just anecdotal feedback of, 'we think changing this leads to a better experience,’” said Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Analytics Charles Gao. “We can actually look at the numbers and say NPS or our rating scores went up or down after this change. And that's really powerful because that directional guidance helps you make decisions and affirm those decisions as you go.”

The Warriors also embedded surveys into specific customer touchpoints, from the commute experience to concession purchases. This allowed them to improve experiences more quickly, understand what resonates with fans, and build customer loyalty. “I think our fans expect us to listen and evolve,” said John Beaven, executive vice president of ticket sales and services. “Momentive gives us the opportunity to really understand what they're looking for and how we can deliver on those expectations.”

An inclusive employee journey

“When we think about diversity, that's who we're bringing in the door,” said Erin Dangerfield, senior vice president of people and culture, “but what Momentive really helps us figure out is how different people feel included and what their experience in our organization looks like.” With employee feedback, the Warriors expanded their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to provide more targeted support and services. They also got a more nuanced understanding of the employee experience, including how that experience varies across different groups of people.

Being able to parse data by business unit, department, and demographics has helped Dangerfield and her team make data-supported decisions on how to allocate budget, create new benefits, and respond quickly to pressing issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. The real-time feedback informs DEI strategies and helps the Warriors keep up with the evolving needs of each and every employee.

Charles Gao

The world is constantly changing. All we know is that tomorrow's not going to be the same as today, so if you're not continuously adapting, continuously improving, it's hard to stay competitive.

Charles Gao

Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Analytics
Golden State Warriors

A business strategy built on market research

Thanks to insights from Momentive, the Warriors have discovered new business opportunities as well as new ways to reach casual fans and the broader market. “It's not just about the fan experience, although that's very core to how we think about things, but understanding from the market landscape where we can fit in and how we can enhance what’s going on and compete for the discretionary dollar,” said Beaven.

Based on market research findings, the Warriors introduced more diverse dance teams, uncovered the importance of onsite social media opportunities, and embraced new eCommerce and streaming experiences. They continue to use Momentive to track their brand health and plan to expand how they track the fan experience in real time. With Momentive, the Warriors have a platform that helps them continuously find new ways to develop innovative experiences in the Bay Area and beyond.


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