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Pivoting to digital

Global sports brand PUMA began 2020 with a robust plan to continue its momentum in designing, developing, marketing, and selling products athletes love. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, shopping routines shifted dramatically as more consumers jumped online to make their purchases. PUMA’s customer support team faced a sharp increase in order inquiries even as the company fielded higher-than-average cart dropout rates. However, without specific feedback, it was unclear how to remove friction or why customers were abandoning the website without completing their purchase.

PUMA recognized that enhancing its online shopping experience would drive success during the pandemic and beyond. It turned to GetFeedback by Momentive for the rapid insights it needed to quickly evolve its business model, identify opportunities in the customer journey, and improve the digital customer experience.


Delighted customers boost ROI across the business


increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS®)


growth in PayPal volume


drop in payment-related customer support issues

Streamlining the customer journey

Joey CasaDeCalvo, senior manager of customer experience for PUMA North America’s ecommerce site, began by implementing GetFeedback by Momentive throughout the customer journey. This included embedding feedback buttons into the checkout and confirmation pages to get real-time feedback as people shopped. “The amount of feedback that we got in right away blew my mind,” said CasaDeCalvo. “And it really helped when it came to driving our roadmap and reprioritizing the changes that we wanted to make.”

CasaDeCalvo soon discovered that consumers were using the shopping cart to save their favorite products for later. In response, PUMA added a wish list feature that improved customer engagement and reduced cart abandonment rates all at once. And when customer feedback spotlighted snags in the payment process, PUMA was able to unblock revenue flow by introducing new payment options and resolving a PayPal connectivity problem.


We're listening to our customers across multiple dimensions in the heat of the moment, and we're able to take action and make decisions based on what our customers are saying.

Joey CasaDeCalvo

Senior Manager, Customer Experience
PUMA North America

Boosting conversion and driving engagement

When PUMA embedded a feedback widget on all its FAQ articles, it learned how to improve the information on those pages. This allowed the company to proactively meet customer needs, accelerate conversion, and reduce the number of escalations to its customer support team.

CasaDeCalvo and his team also learned that customers wanted the ability to track the entire journey of their purchase—something that may have been especially important as the world saw cross-industry shipping delays and supply chain issues. So PUMA introduced SMS order updates and quickly saw a significant decrease in order status inquiries.


Consumer feedback used to keep me up at night. With Momentive, it’s been a fun experience because I've been able to leverage feedback in a much more thoughtful manner and ensure that it falls in line with what our customers want.

Joey CasaDeCalvo

Senior Manager, Customer Experience
PUMA North America

A digital transformation with measurable results

In a short period of time, PUMA gathered valuable insights into the ways it could transform its online shopping experience. As a result, it revised its roadmap and made comprehensive improvements, from refining FAQ articles and speeding up checkouts to offering customers more payment methods and shipping notifications.

PUMA saw a drop in cart abandonment after improving its overall digital experience and payment features. PayPal orders and NPS rose 52% and 11%, respectively, while the company’s payment-related customer support cases dropped 62%. Not only did revenue increase, the volume of negative customer feedback fell dramatically, as customers became more engaged and highly satisfied.


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