How industry leaders are shaping what’s next

Momentive solutions help world-class brands listen and drive impact through better customer and employee experiences.


How the Golden State Warriors build incredible experiences

With Momentive, the Warriors hone data-driven strategies to improve CX, understand their market, and advance DEI.

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How LG relies on a single HR enterprise platform

From recruiting to training to offboarding, LG elevates the employee experience with actionable insights.

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How Nasdaq drives digital transformation

Momentive solutions help Nasdaq optimize its website experience, improve UX, increase accessibility, and more.

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How ClickUp created a memorable big game ad

For its multi-million dollar commercial, ClickUp relied on Ad Testing by Momentive to make confident, data-driven decisions.

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How Sakura uses market research to power innovation

With rich market insights, Sakura of America accelerates growth, optimizes products, and syncs its global strategies.

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How PUMA optimized the digital experience and increased NPS by 11%

PUMA captures insights along the customer journey, improving the digital experience and boosting ROI across the business.

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How Women’s March Global amplifies the voices of 30,000 women

By collecting data across 173 countries, Women’s March Global redefines policies and funding, empowering women to be heard.

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How Mercari gathers customer feedback efficiently and at scale

Mercari relies on seamless data collection to gather customer insights on every new product feature and CX improvement.

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How Allbirds fuels its brand growth with agile market research

With DIY brand tracking and agile market research, Allbirds continues to delight customers and expand its global reach.

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