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To help drive digital transformation, Nasdaq counts on Momentive.

"Momentive allowed us to really understand what our customers need and expect, especially as we merged our websites into one hub as part of our digital transformation."

Tamar Beresford

Senior Director of Digital Strategy

Nasdaq needed a way to tell its story, create a website that was reflective of its brand and values, and showcase its solutions and expertise in one place. The goal was to create a premier destination for all things Nasdaq.

Momentive solutions helped Nasdaq prioritize site features, migrate content, and improve user experience. By understanding user behavior, Nasdaq can be more strategic in how it optimizes offerings to build user engagement and loyalty.

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Digital transformation of Nasdaq offerings and agile response to user needs


Enterprise Feedback Management, User Experience, Website Experience


Intuitive user experience, optimized SEO, and advanced data analytics


For its HR needs, LG turned to a state-of-the-art solution. Momentive delivered.

"For about a year and a half, we gathered feedback from employees and started implementing insights and changes into our new onboarding program. It's amazing how appreciative people are when you listen to what they have to say."

Jonathan Estes

Talent Management Operations
LG Electronics USA

With thousands of LG employees across North America, sharing HR data was nearly impossible. Groups were using different platforms to share insights, successes, and challenges.

Momentive helped LG develop a single HR enterprise platform to uncover employee sentiment, grow job satisfaction, and increase productivity. Today, LG has robust, evolving talent development, onboarding, and leadership training programs. Retention of new hires is at an all-time high.

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A single platform for sharing insights across the employee lifecycle


Employee Engagement and Retention, Enterprise Feedback Management


New development programs, increased productivity, and talent retention


The Golden State Warriors are innovating with an assist from Momentive.

"The world is constantly changing. All we know is that tomorrow's not going to be the same as today, so if you're not continuously adapting, continuously improving, it's hard to stay competitive."

Charles Gao

Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Analytics
Golden State Warriors

Momentive empowered the Golden State Warriors with specialized solutions for collecting feedback from customers, employees, and their market. Using Momentive to support multiple business priorities allowed the Warriors to influence fan touchpoints, build diversity, equity, and inclusion into their employee experience, and develop a data-driven brand that goes beyond basketball. With actionable insights from Momentive, the Warriors were able to raise their NPS® by 19% and make strategic decisions quickly and confidently.

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More success stories

Joey CasaDeCalvo

Senior Manager, Customer Experience - Ecommerce
PUMA North America

In 2020, even more shoppers moved online, revealing an opportunity to improve PUMA’s digital experience. GetFeedback captured insights along the customer journey so PUMA could quickly gather data and enhance the shopping experience. With the improvements, PUMA’s PayPal orders grew by 52% and NPS® increased by 11%. PUMA experienced a drop in negative feedback and a notable increase in revenue.

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Betsy Scolnik

Board Chair
Women’s March Global

When the pandemic prevented its annual march in 2021, Women's March Global needed a way to amplify women's voices, and redefine how they were being heard and counted in global policy and funding decisions. They turned to Momentive so they could collect feedback from over 30,000 women in 173 countries and 19 languages. Responses are being used to inform the United Nations' plans for accelerating gender equality.

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Tank Mouri

Director of Product

Mercari was in search of an integrated solution to gather customer feedback efficiently and at scale. By using GetFeedback, Mercari now gets responses on every new product feature it offers through a system of data collection that’s both seamless and highly accurate.

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Finding third-party research expensive, slow, and unwieldy, Allbirds turned to Momentive for control of their own programs at a fraction of the cost. They set up brand trackers in key markets, collecting over 14,000 responses annually. Benchmarking studies identified brand, product, and price perceptions. As Allbirds expands globally, quickly launching its own studies is key to its success.

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