How woom bikes establishes an employee-first approach to enhance the customer experience


How woom bikes establishes an employee-first approach to enhance the customer experience

Learn how woom bikes leverages Momentive to bolster the customer experience by acting on employee feedback.

Jen Anderson

June 29, 2022 | 4 min read


Since its 2013 founding in Austria, children’s bicycle manufacturer woom bikes has experienced consistent, rapid growth. While the team was no stranger to adapting to change, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced unexpected dynamics to the company’s production processes and customer relationships—heightened by skyrocketing consumer demand and supply shortages.

As the Director of Global Experience, April Obersteller ensures woom’s mission is reflected in every customer interaction. Because woom’s top operating principle is to empower children to love riding their bikes, Obersteller prioritizes balancing product quality with hyper-growth—which requires feedback loops. She elaborated, “The only way to ensure we’re meeting the mark and delivering the experiences our customers deserve is through sophisticated customer feedback mechanisms.”

Christopher Hogan, the head of the global voice of the customer and continuous improvement, partners closely with Obersteller to make significant customer experience (CX) improvements to respond to market changes—launching customer waitlists, timely notifications, and better production prioritization based on real-time supply and demand data. 

A feedback solution to match leadership’s passion for CX

In addition to keeping the production cycle flowing, Obersteller and Hogan needed a feedback tool that would allow woom to maintain its high customer experience standards. Hogan expanded, “Our goal was to implement a feedback solution that could match our genuine passion for customer experience.”

Having used the CX solution by Momentive in previous roles, they knew firsthand that it would be GDPR compliant, scalable, quick to implement, and easy to use. 

Momentive gives us a format, system, process, and a scalable solution to bring the voice of consumer data to every conversation we have in terms that all teams can understand.

April Obersteller

Director of Global Experience

“We needed to trust a partner that would continue to innovate and stand with us. From using the platform previously, we knew we needed robust reporting and dashboarding capabilities and reusable survey templates that enable our teams to launch surveys quickly,” Hogan elaborated.

In Q1 2022, the team began onboarding the CX solution by Momentive. On the first day of implementation, Obersteller and Hogan launched their first survey through the platform. 

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Improving employee and customer experiences in tandem


Since employees are often an untapped source of candid customer feedback and anecdotal evidence, woom’s initial Momentive implementation has largely been internal, focusing primarily on capturing and acting on employee insights.

Obersteller and Hogan have launched a variety of employee surveys to bolster learning and development initiatives, employee engagement, offboarding processes, customer service quality assurance, and quarterly performance reviews. In addition, the team launches surveys before company all-hands meetings to ensure the content that is shared meets employee expectations. 

In just two quarters, Obersteller and Hogan yielded an 86% learner satisfaction rating and a 46 Employee Net Promoter Score® (eNPS). 

Creating magic moments at every stage of the customer lifecycle

With Momentive, woom can visualize the big picture of employee and customer sentiment in one streamlined platform. Leaders like Obersteller and Hogan also report unparalleled adoption and engagement in survey participation and decisive follow-up actions. 

Today, woom captures and acts on employee insights about the customer experience, allowing the company to grow faster while continuing to create magic moments for customers. “Customer feedback is why we’re here. It’s why we serve. If we don’t have customers, we don’t have a business,” Obersteller expanded.

Momentive gives us the ability to listen and to truly hear our customers.

Christopher Hogan

Head of Global Voice of Customer and Continuous Improvement

Momentive also allows the team to closely monitor valuable metrics like Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in European and North American markets. Tracking these crucial CX metrics help woom create continuous improvement plans while maintaining its position as a global leader in high-quality, direct-to-consumer bicycles.

Putting the customer experience at the heart of every business decision


To date, the feedback yielded by leveraging Momentive has enabled the woom team to create dedicated learning tracks, increase company-wide goal setting and communication, and improve support team interactions.

Looking ahead, Obersteller and Hogan are incorporating new surveys at every customer touchpoint to monitor positive experiences and pain points throughout the customer lifecycle—including customer effort score surveys, post-purchase email journeys, and always-on feedback widgets.

When we asked the woom team what the biggest benefit of implementing Momentive CX has been, Hogan answered, “Momentive gives us a complete view of the customer experience. It helps senior leadership better understand the holistic customer lifecycle.”

Obersteller added, “that feedback enables us to turn any friction into joy and underscore our company mission: empowering children to love riding their bikes.”

We recently sat down with CX experts April Obersteller and Christopher Hogan from woom bikes to learn how they leverage CX insights. Watch the webinar on-demand to learn how the team at woom bikes gathers employee and customer feedback in tandem to improve the customer journey.

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