Volunteer of the quarter: Gobindbir Singh


Volunteer of the quarter: Gobindbir Singh

We hope you'll find Gobindbir's work as inspirational as we do.

Momentive Staff

July 11, 2022 | 2 min read


Employees are our greatest asset, and we share their time and talents with nonprofits around the world through volunteerism. Momentive is building a culture around it, encouraging employees to give back to the communities where they live and work. 

In recognition of their generosity, we’re highlighting one employee each quarter who is living our #standforequality value through volunteer work. This quarter we’re recognizing Gobindbir Singh from our Ottawa, Canada office. With this recognition, Gobindbir will receive $500 USD to donate to a charity of his choice. 

Why do you volunteer? 

There is a huge disparity in our society. There are people who are having difficulties having  ends meet, which is so unfair to them. Through my volunteer work, I have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives, and I have seen their eyes glow even by looking at a warm blanket, so this means a lot to them.

What is your favorite charity? 

My favorite charity is Khalsa Aid because their tagline is, "Recognize the whole human race as ONE" and they live by these values. They have been present in almost every corner of the world—Ukraine, Iraq, India, Canada, USA, UK, Syria, and many more. I have seen an actual urge to help in this organization.

Tell us about what you do with your volunteer time

Our team of volunteers from Khalsa Aid go out to the areas with high density of underprivileged people and  distribute food packets and warm blankets to the people there. I am a volunteer project manager with Khalsa Aid, so a lot of my work goes in the backend to purchase supplies, handle expenses, mobilize volunteers across the city, and coordinate with shelter houses, stable houses, and food banks across the city for any requirements they have. 

Another recent project was providing winter jackets and a welcome orientation for new international students in Canada. These students are paying 3X the domestic fees and can only work 20 hours a week to support their expenses. So, we came to know that many of them cannot afford winter jackets and supplies. Also, there were recently a lot of cases of exploitation of international students by their employers and landlords, and many times they were the victims of scams as well. So, we prepared the orientation session along with the winter drive to help. One of the biggest projects I led was the "Back to School" drive. We provided school supplies to ~3200 underprivileged students last year by partnering with the local school board and a couple of other organizations. 

Gobindbir’s work is an inspiration to other employees at Momentive, and we hope it is for you too.  You can read more about the ways Momentive supports the community  in our 2021 Social Impact Report.

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