How to uncover your decision-making style and achieve more


How to uncover your decision-making style and achieve more

Your decision-making style impacts how you collaborate, mentor, and innovate. Find out which style fits you and how leaning into your strengths can help you shape what’s next.

Jay Maldonado

February 10, 2022 | 2 min read


Your decision-making style has a major impact on your professional journey—including how you collaborate, mentor, and innovate for your organization. Do you inspire others to think big? Do you love listening and learning? Are you known for your precise project planning? 

Understanding the innate processes that fuel your best work can help you lean into your strengths. And that’s especially important in today’s world, where companies and employees continue to grapple with pandemic pivots, new remote and hybrid working models, and repercussions from the Great Resignation. With so much in flux, leaders are being called on to stay agile, unite their teams, and make bold moves with confidence. Achieving all of that—and more—is a lot easier if you have a firm grasp of how you approach business-critical decisions. 

With that in mind, we created an interactive quiz so you can uncover your decision-making style. The quiz identifies four decision-maker archetypes: the Investigator, the Builder, the Empathizer, and the Innovator. When there’s a decision to be made, each brings certain skills to the table and acts on feedback in different ways. Take the quiz to learn which style fits you best and how you can have a greater impact within your company and industry.

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What’s your decision-making style?

Learn more about your approach to making business-critical decisions and get resources tailored to your style.

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Based on your results, we’ll point you toward resources, tools, and further reading to empower you to accomplish more. In the customer experience space, for instance, decision-makers are currently dealing with dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and other emerging CX trends. For data-driven Investigators, we’ve shared how to measure your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score and learn from the results. Innovators, on the other hand, might be keen to pinpoint their CX maturity level, as well as key strategies for the new era of CX. No matter your decision-making style, you’ll find inspiration that’s tailored to help you shape what’s next.

Whether you’re a marketing professional, an HR leader, or even an exec, knowing more about your decision-making style will improve not only how you collaborate with colleagues but also how you lead your organization toward new opportunities.

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