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Introducing Idea Screening: test early-stage ideas, fast

For most companies, there’s rarely a shortage of ideas. The challenge is making sure the ideas you choose to invest in pay off.

May 10 • 6 min read

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Top 3 insights about B2B buyers in 2022

Discover the latest B2B industry and buyer trends to understand what matters most to business decision-makers.

Mar 21 • 4 min read

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Hiring amid the Great Resignation: How tracking your employer brand can give you an edge

In a fiercely competitive hiring market, HR leaders can use brand health insights to better attract ideal candidates. Here’s how.

Feb 25 • 7 min read

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4 Momentive insights that reshaped the customer experience at top companies

With insights from Momentive customer and product experience solutions, top companies like PUMA, Nasdaq, and more are reimagining CX.

Feb 23 • 7 min read

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Consumer purchase habits & hybrid shopping reinvent retail

How will consumers shop in 2022? The answer: any way they want. From shop-online-pickup-in store, to direct-to-consumer and alternative payment methods, consumers can now shop from anywhere, in whatever manner they choose.

Feb 18 • 5 min read

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Data shows that prioritizing DEI may be the key to retaining employees

Our research shows that companies’ DEI efforts matter to employees. In fact, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility may be the key to employee satisfaction.

Jan 21 • 6 min read

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How financial services leaders can stay ahead of what’s new and what’s next

Investors, financial services providers, and portfolio managers are turning to survey research to anticipate consumer needs and make more data-driven decisions

Jan 20 • 3 min read

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