How Pie Insurance centralized survey data with Momentive


How Pie Insurance centralized survey data with Momentive

Learn how Pie Insurance turned to SurveyMonkey Enterprise by Momentive to standardize survey collection and further safeguard customer data.

Jen Salazar

November 29, 2022 | 3 min read


Since its founding in 2017, Pie Insurance has been empowering small businesses to thrive by making commercial insurance affordable and easy. The company focuses on providing workers’ comp insurance to small businesses, most of which have under 20 employees, either directly through its website, through independent insurance agents, or through their payroll provider.

In just five years, Pie Insurance reached a pivotal stage of growth. Fast expansion introduced several organizational needs, including access to centralized data, scalable software solutions with licensing options, and both external and internal survey processes.

For IT Manager Taylor Neville, this rapid growth introduced new challenges. As separate departments at Pie began to create their own unique data collection methods, Neville and the IT team needed to remove instances of accidental “shadow IT.” This happens when unofficial IT applications are used to collect and store data as a workaround to broad, corporate IT processes. 

Already a user of the self-serve SurveyMonkey platform, Neville turned to SurveyMonkey Enterprise by Momentive to consolidate multiple SurveyMonkey accounts, standardize survey collection processes, and further safeguard customer data collected through surveys.

Upgrading from the self-serve SurveyMonkey platform to SurveyMonkey Enterprise was fast and easy. The entire upgrade was completed over the length of a lunch break—and without having to export any sensitive customer data.

Taylor Neville

IT Manager, Pie Insurance

Transitioning seamlessly to an enterprise solution

Upgrading to SurveyMonkey Enterprise by Momentive gave Pie’s IT team access to additional compliance, security, and standardization tools that were highly-valuable for the company as a whole. And based on his previous experience with the platform, Neville had faith in an easy transition that wouldn’t require tedious exporting of important customer data.

“It was easy to transition to SurveyMonkey Enterprise in terms of integrations, user management, and user experience,” said Neville. “We upgraded to Enterprise incredibly quickly, bringing over users and integrating data in less than an hour.” Neville also streamlined the transition by leveraging Okta Single Sign-on (SSO) and over 50 other integrations to manage licensed users. 

Upgrading to SurveyMonkey Enterprise was not only painless, it enabled Pie to better serve its customers. Features like file upload help Pie collect crucial customer documents, including certificates of insurance. And with the advanced functionality available only with SurveyMonkey Enterprise, Pie can continue to deliver experiences that are in line with the preferences and expectations of its target market. These insights have helped illuminate the importance of offering access to self-service options, as opposed to Pie customers having to complete policy verification by phone or email.

Gaining enhanced IT perspective with SurveyMonkey Enterprise

“With SurveyMonkey Enterprise, Pie has gained substantial IT perspective for both our business model and team culture,” said Neville. This includes being able to solve for multiple departments’ processes, quadrupling the number of licensed users, eliminating shadow IT practices, and steadfastly protecting customer data. All of these steps are important for maintaining Pie’s position as a disruptor in the commercial insurance industry. 

Today, Pie’s Premium Audit team—part of the customer success team—is one of the primary users of the platform. The team uses SurveyMonkey Enterprise to identify new cross-selling opportunities within other business lines. It also relies on the platform to verify customer information that helps ensure policy accuracy. This has significantly improved how the Premium Audit team operates since, prior to SurveyMonkey Enterprise, it had to lean on vendors to provide robust customer communications as policies approached renewals. 

As the Premium Audit team uses SurveyMonkey, they’re continually integrating it into their homegrown system for delivering exceptional customer experiences to small business owners. In addition to audit-related use cases, Pie’s executive administrative team also leverages SurveyMonkey for ad hoc surveys and projects. 

These outcomes allow Pie’s IT team to streamline internal processes while protecting what makes Pie special—its customers and the easy-as-pie experience they receive from the company.

The dedicated customer support that comes with SurveyMonkey Enterprise is so proactive. I have what I need to manage 50 apps and 124 integrations, which makes my job easier and allows me to focus on strategic initiatives.

Taylor Neville

IT Manager, Pie Insurance


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