Employee highlights: Zackie Kowal


Employee highlights: Zackie Kowal

Learn about Zackie's career growth, values, and favorite part of working at Momentive.

Momentive Staff

September 29, 2022 | 3 min read


This article was contributed by Helena Torres-Siclait, a recruiter here at Momentive.

At Momentive, our goal is to be “where the curious come to grow.” We believe strongly in giving everyone a path to growth and an opportunity to shape what’s next in their career. 

To show that, we asked Momentive employees to share their own journeys and talk about how they #StayCurious. Each team member has shared their own unique experience, what motivates them, and lessons learned along the way in the hopes that it will inspire you and give you an idea of what it would be like to be part of our community. 

Curious to learn more about career opportunities at Momentive? We’re hiring! As we look to reimagine work for our employees, you have the power to choose where you work from.  

Meet Zachra “Zackie” Kowal 

Role: Head of Market Research Sales, Consumer East NAMER & EMEA 

Time at Momentive: Almost 2 years

Where I work: Chicago

Zackie Kowal has had a dramatic career; she spent fourteen years in early-stage startups and “crazy shark tanks” before she found her way here to Momentive. Through Momentive’s choice program, Zackie is able to work remotely from her home in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois where she lives with her husband Frank. 

“You just can’t find what we have here anywhere else,” she says. It’s really special.”

Zackie joined Momentive in 2021 as a Sr. Account Executive before applying for the Head of Market Research role that opened up the same year. Zackie’s boss, Nik Daruwala, Vice President of Global Sales, saw her initiative and supported her through the application process.

Finding a path to leadership and empowering herself and others 

She says, “I went to Nik and said ‘Hey, look, I’ve never been a manager before. I’ve never led a team. But here’s my plan and what I would do.’” He listened, and he put me through the process against other internal and external candidates, and I was selected. As a woman in sales, it’s really exciting to be a part of the leadership force.”

Zackie isn’t alone as a powerful woman at Momentive— 50% of our Board of Directors is composed of women! 

In her time as Head of Market Research, Zackie has successfully built a diverse and high-performing sales team. Zackie has recently hired three women, two of whom are Black, and one man from the Army reserves. 

If you are looking to start your career in sales or take the next leap in your sales journey, Zackie has some words of wisdom to help you along your path.

“Make sure yo’re choosing a company where you believe strongly in what you’re about to sell. You’re never going to be able to sell something you don’t believe in.”

A culture that motivates and excites 

According to Zackie, selling our products here at Momentive is a breeze!

“It’s very easy to sell our solutions because we are changing the way Market Research is being used. We are providing solutions that are game-changers for clients and it’s something that the Sales team can really get behind and get excited about.”

Regardless of where you work in Sales, it is most important to learn to step outside of your comfort zone.

Zackie says, “Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You have to be able to put yourself out there and deal with a lot of uncomfortable situations. It won't feel good at first but you’ll learn and grow and eventually amaze yourself with what you’re capable of!”

Momentive’s vibrant and warm culture supports you and your career in whatever form it takes. The culture is Zackie’s favorite part of working here.

“It’s a positive environment where everyone can come to work every day exactly as they are and that’s something they’re praised for and not judged for. People with different experiences and from different walks of life all come together every day and incorporate their perspectives into the work they do. You can feel it.”

Curious to take the next step in your career? Good news! That’s kind of what we do here.

#StayCurious #WeAreMomentive

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