Momentive study: consumer expectations in CX


Momentive study: consumer expectations in CX

Companies’ customer experiences are often misaligned with consumer perceptions and expectations.

Sam Gutierrez

May 12, 2023 | 1 min read


Companies’ customer experiences are often misaligned with consumer perceptions and expectations


One in four (27%) Americans say companies are providing better customer service and experience since the pandemic began, significantly lower than the 72% of customer experience (CX) professionals who claim to be delivering better service. 41% of Americans report a decline in customer service from brands, more than double the percentage of CX professionals who admit that their companies’ service have deteriorated since the pandemic began.


A similar disparity exists when it comes to personalized experiences: while 38% of consumers feel they receive a tailored experience when interacting with businesses, a considerably higher percentage of CX professionals (86%) claim to provide one.


Companies risk losing business from delivering poor customer experiences: the majority (82%) of customers have abandoned an online purchase due to a negative experience, such as hidden fees, or difficult website navigation. 


Customers, however, exhibit some tolerance for poor experiences, with only 11% indicating they would switch to another brand as a result. 42% would offer a second chance, and 30% say it would take 3 to 5 negative experiences to prompt a change. Hidden fees are the leading frustration for customers (54%) when it comes to shopping online, ahead of difficult website navigation (44%), technical issues (44%), too many ads (42%), or poor customer service (41%).


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