Technology, public health, social issues, and more are changing how business gets done. Read about the trends that are reshaping the way we work.

Momentive study: The future of business—decentralized decision-making

Uncover decision-making trends for knowledge workers and how leaders can empower workers to make bold decisions

Sep 13 • 3 min read

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From raises to remote work: 5 insights on the employee experience

How are workers impacted by inflation, remote work, and corporate activism? See what our research shows about the current employee experience.

Jul 18 • 5 min read

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CNBC|Momentive Workforce Happiness Index: May 2022

See our latest research on job satisfaction, the impact of inflation on salaries, and the current status of remote work.

May 27 • 4 min read

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Using feedback to shape the employee experience

New data shows that prioritizing employee experience is more important than ever. And so is listening.

May 5 • 4 min read

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What employees think about the return to work, according to new U.K. data

Safety concerns, balancing visibility with flexibility, and embracing work/life balance are themes for returning workers.

Apr 26 • 4 min read

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Using metrics to cement the case for DEI

In a field focused on improving subjective lived experiences, data tells a story that can't be misinterpreted or ignored.

Apr 13 • 7 min read

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Employees’ lived experiences aren’t obvious from the outside

Two key pieces of Momentive research highlight the difference between reality of people of color's experience at work and how it is seen by others.

Apr 12 • 5 min read

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