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Momentive study: AI in education

College students embrace AI in school, but fear its impact on their education and job prospects after graduation.

May 19 • 3 min read

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Momentive study: consumer expectations in CX

Companies’ customer experiences are often misaligned with consumer perceptions and expectations.

May 12 • 1 min read

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CNBC|Momentive Your Money Financial Confidence Survey

Apr 11 • 1 min read

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The top 3 challenges for ecommerce pros in 2023

The top three challenges from our 2023 report, and how to overcome them.

Apr 11 • 4 min read

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The most impactful CX metrics and how to use them

Customer experience is more important than ever to an organization’s bottom line, and the right metrics can make all the difference.

Apr 10 • 7 min read

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Expert insights: How to drive successful CX in 2023

An interview with Dan Gingiss, top CX expert and author of “The Experience Maker.”

Apr 3 • 7 min read

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Banking is changing fast: a look at consumer trends from the past year

Consumer needs and preferences are changing, with more emphasis on budgeting and investing tools and less on physical locations.

Mar 24 • 4 min read

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