Amplify the value of feedback for teams across your organization


Amplify the value of feedback for teams across your organization

From marketers to HR teams, see how Momentive solutions can help you accomplish more with game-changing insights.

Abigail Matsumoto

September 16, 2022 | 4 min read


Feedback has the power to fuel all parts of your business, whether you're focused on building best-in-class products, improving the customer experience, or fostering an inclusive workplace. But not all leaders have a clear sightline of how insights can help them, specifically. How does feedback impact your position, your team, and your department goals—and could it do more? 

To help you make sure you have the best insight strategies in place, we’ve created collections of resources designed to address your team’s everyday needs, showcase use case inspiration, and show you exactly how Momentive solutions can help you and your team. 

Marketing teams 

Marketers are always after a moving target when it comes to understanding what resonates with their ideal audience. And when shifts happen and budgets are tight, it’s more important than ever to make sure your marketing efforts are landing. What do customers really want? Are you launching campaigns based on real-time data? Are insights infused throughout your marketing team or siloed to a particular role or sub-team? And—most importantly—is the work you’re doing making an impact?

Momentive can help marketers conduct their own brand tracking, validate ideas with concept testing, enhance customer advocacy programs, and supercharge their marketing funnel.

Insights teams 

You’d be hard-pressed to find an insights pro who doesn’t understand the value of insights—but they may not always have what they need to surface that value. Collecting in-depth and reliable data can be challenging when time is not on your side, when you need to reach a very specific target audience, or when you need regular insights throughout the product life cycle. Agile market research is always a worthy goal, but it’s not easy without the right tools.

Momentive solutions can make all the difference for insights leaders. With Brand Tracking, you can rely on always-on insights to improve your brand health. With Concept Testing, you can quickly see how an idea will go over with your target audience. Find out how these solutions and more can help you get a comprehensive view of everything from market trends and brand sentiment to consumer behavior.  

Product teams 

As any product manager knows, winning products don’t just happen by chance. They’re the result of a ton of work and a ton of market, customer, and product insights. And those insights aren’t a one-time-only commitment. When you don’t have quality data, particularly from each stage of the product life cycle, it can feel like you’re building products in the dark and simply hoping for happy customers.

Luckily, Momentive lights the way with solutions that allow for rapid concept testing and real-time feedback on the user experience. Product pros can even uncover exactly how to finetune their offerings, from package design to price points. Momentive can help you get the insights you need to confidently build, optimize, and launch products.  

CX teams 

Our 2022 State of CX Report found that CX professionals’ top priority is to strengthen customer loyalty. But to do that, you need to know exactly what customers think about your brand, products, and services. You need to feel confident about not just how you’re measuring that sentiment, but how you’re applying it across your business. If not, you’ll always have a disconnect between the experience you’re providing and the experience customers actually want.

No matter your CX role, you can use Momentive to center the customer in everything you do and take action based on insights into your online experience, your real-time customer satisfaction, the drivers behind your Net Promoter Score (NPS®), and more. 

HR teams

How do you make sure employees feel that they’re the heart of the company? For HR leaders, it involves everything from building meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to examining and improving company culture. Employee feedback is critical for leaders looking to boost employee satisfaction, but it takes time and effort to establish a feedback program, an effective cadence, and a strategy that nets comprehensive insights throughout the employee life cycle. When we polled HR professionals at a recent webinar, a surprising 31% said they do not track employee sentiment—and among those that said they did track it, only 12% said they do so quarterly.

We created Momentive Employee Experience solutions to address these needs, so HR teams can obtain and act on employee feedback. When you have data that spans the entire employee experience and includes people of all backgrounds, it’s a lot easier to create an exceptional employee experience. 

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