Price Optimisation (Van Westendorp)

Determine the optimal price point and range for your product using our Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity solution.


Pricing can be tricky. Price your products too high, and you miss out on potential customer volume. Price your products too low, and you miss out on potential revenue.

Our market research consultants will custom-design your price optimisation study based on the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter, a renowned and industry-accepted method to determine the right price for your product based on the perceived value it provides to customers. It also helps you determine an optimal price range for your product, based on what consumers find acceptable, and at what point the price is considered too high by customers.

We can use this method to help you understand customers’ price expectations for your new product/service, for competitive products and to help optimise the price point for an existing product.

  • We deliver the acceptable price range for your product/service along with the optimal and other critical price points
  • Our expert researchers work with you to design, field and analyse your price optimisation study
  • We ensure that you only get the highest quality data, by automatically flagging and removing low-quality respondents from our data set

Get timely data with our powerful Price Optimisation solution

Fast delivery

Our team takes advantage of the powerful Momentive technology, so you’ll receive deliverables faster than a typical agency doing manual work.

Quality data

Our always-on approach to quality management including automatic bot and fraud detection ensures that the data you capture meets industry standards.

Vast expertise

The research consulting team we’ve built comes from diverse research backgrounds across a variety of industries, so you know you’re in great hands for your Van Westendorp study.

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