Employee Performance Management

Develop a high-performing workforce with insights that drive ongoing development and growth of your people.


Regular performance reviews of individuals, teams and managers can give you timely insight into the health of the very heart of your company: your employees. Use our Employee Performance Management solution to shape your management training programmes, target specific team skills development and plan individual career paths. Compare results across teams and departments to identify where to focus your efforts.

Drive high performance within your organisation with impactful programmes based on what your employees and managers need with the Employee Performance Management solution by Momentive.

  • Launch expert-designed performance assessments in minutes with pre-built surveys, or customise them to suit your needs
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative feedback in a single place
  • Inform performance management discussions with 360-degree feedback from peers and managers

Help employees stay productive with ongoing feedback

Provide holistic 360 feedback

Empower your teams with quantitative and qualitative development feedback so they know exactly where to focus to improve their careers and drive better business outcomes.

Create the right opportunities

Easily gauge the development needs of your workforce by asking the right questions. Leverage intuitive analytics and dashboards to better understand and act on areas of opportunity.

Develop a leadership culture

Identify the right tools, training and mentorship needs for your people managers. Turn managers into leaders with tailored programmes to boost areas of leadership development.

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