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Capture feedback directly within your mobile app to drive user adoption, loyalty and satisfaction, without the need for technical expertise.


When customers use your mobile app, points of friction, bugs or other issues can result in a poor user experience that often leads to churn or vocal detractors.

With GetFeedback, you can capture in-app customer feedback without disrupting the user experience or taking users away from your app.

After an easy, one-off installation, take control over listening, without depending on engineering.

Create and edit listeners delivered natively within your app, through the simple and intuitive GetFeedback interface.

  • Reach the right users with micro-targeting options for maximum engagement
  • Obtain detailed technical and user data with every feedback item
  • Boost app-store ratings by identifying areas to improve & making fixes
  • Listen via feedback button and targeted surveys; both fit seamlessly into your app

Get a holistic view, fast

Target specific users or groups and trigger surveys based on user behaviours. Learn what’s driving churn and get to the root of technical problems.

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Take a data-driven approach to your mobile app experience

Get targeted feedback

Use advanced targeting to gather feedback from specific users at specific moments. Identify and dig deeper into the areas where users experience friction.

Find & fix bugs, fast

Use in-app feedback to empower users to flag annoying bugs and issues so you can fix them quickly.

Data-rich insights

Find the root of the problem with detailed user information that accompanies every feedback item, including device type, screen resolution, battery status and more.

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With GetFeedback, we can capture the Voice of the Customer to understand where and how we can improve, so we can increase the overall adoption and satisfaction of the app.

Stijn Bannier

Product manager mobile at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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