Market Sizing

Uncover your next business opportunity by measuring the demand for your product or service across global regions and countries.


Before you enter a new market or product category, you need to be sure there is sufficient demand to justify the investment. 

The purpose-built market sizing solution from Momentive is the fastest way to measure the appetite for your product or service, whether you’re launching locally, nationwide or internationally. Our research consultants will partner with you to design and launch your market sizing study, customised to deliver the exclusive insights you need.

Intuitive crosstab reports and data visualisation will help you assess the viability of your product across multiple markets you’re evaluating.

  • Quantify demand for your product and service to understand the size of the addressable market
  • Evaluate geography and product line expansion opportunities
  • Know which segments of your target audience have the biggest appetite for your new innovations

Measure market demand worldwide

With our integrated panel, you’ll be able to reach your ideal consumers and decision-makers in minutes: 144M+ people, 130+ countries, 57 languages, 50+ profiled attributes, custom screening.

Obtain timely market data with our powerful Market Sizing solution

Speed to insights

Uncover high-impact insights in minutes rather than months. Our automated analysis does the work for you and our AI-powered insights eliminate manual data processing.

Quality data

Our always-on approach to quality management including automatic bot and fraud detection ensures that the data you capture meets industry standards.

Expert services

When bandwidth gets tight, let our market research consultants and dedicated account managers supercharge your research with our flexible engagement model.

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