Innovation Awards Programmes

Inspire communities and employees with innovation competitions and awards that reimagine the present.


Whether it’s in your communities or your company, fostering innovation is a critical activity for many organisations. Streamline your innovations awards management with an agile, flexible and automated solution to collect, review and award applications.

Find the right programmes to support with flexible, multi-stage reviews. Simplify the entire process, from application to post-award management, and make things simple with intuitive portals for applicants, reviewers and administrators.

  • Make applications easy with an online portal, eligibility checks and more
  • Streamline the review processes with automated assignments, reminders and multiple review stages to suit your process.
  • Drive innovation with an easy awarding process and simple post-award management

See which concepts stand out as winners

Uncover actionable insights in your concept testing data using our AI-based methodology that eliminates manual data filtering and analysis. Our unique algorithm analyses your results against hundreds of demographic combinations so you can quickly see which concepts each demographic segment preferred.

Streamline application collection and review

Simplify applications

Clearly communicate opportunities and eligibility, and make it easy to complete forms, upload attachments and request references with an online applicant portal.

Accelerate reviews

Capture the feedback you need with simple or advanced reviews forms, and make submitting feedback simple and fast with side-by-side views of materials and rubrics.

Streamline administration

Prescreen applicants, automate notification and reminder emails, award or decline, and see your application pipeline from beginning to end, all in one solution.

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