In-Home User Testing (IHUT)

Recruit targeted participants to physically try your product at home and provide feedback on the experience.


There is some feedback that online research just won’t do justice to, such as how consumers react to tastes, scents, the feel of a new fabric or unboxing experiences.

Our In-Home User Testing (IHUT) solution is the fastest way to recruit targeted participants for physical product testing research.

Our research consultants will partner with you to design and launch your IHUT recruitment study, customised to capture the personal information you need, with all of the recommended privacy considerations. Then you’ll be able to physically send samples of your product to gather experiential feedback before you roll out your product for a broader launch.

  • Global access to consumers and decision-makers
  • Target participants over 50 profiled attributes or custom screeners
  • Collect email and physical address for IHUT recruitment

Recruit IHUT participants from all over the world

With our integrated panel, you’ll be able to reach your ideal consumers and decision-makers in minutes:

  • 144M+ people
  • 130+ countries
  • 57 languages
  • 50+ profiled attributes
  • Custom screening
Concept testing

Get timely product feedback with our powerful IHUT solution

Speed to insights

Uncover high-impact insights in minutes rather than months. You’ll receive responses in real time and our automated analysis eliminates manual data processing.

Quality data

Our always-on approach to quality management including automatic bot and fraud detection ensures that the data you capture meets industry standards.

Expert services

When bandwidth gets tight, let our market research consultants and dedicated account managers supercharge your research with our flexible engagement model.

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