Workplace Equity IQ

Get smarter about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and create a better workplace for people of all backgrounds.

Measure your DEI impact

Our Workplace Equity IQ solution connects your people data with employee experience insights so that you can understand the holistic DEI experience at your organisation and its impact on employee engagement, retention and performance over time.

Navigate sensitive DEI topics with confidence with the help of our team of DEI experts, and equip yourself with tangible recommendations and proven steps to drive measurable change within your organisation. 

  • Understand the beliefs and experiences of employees across intersectional identities
  • Spot critical turnover points throughout the employee lifecycle with descriptive insights
  • Get a customised strategy and roadmap for closing gaps based on decades of DEI expertise

Transform your good intentions into action

Our Workplace Equity IQ solution brings together Momentive technology with decades of DEI expertise so that you can make confident decisions and drive measurable impact for your organisation.


Ask the right questions, the right way

Navigate sensitive DEI topics with confidence using scientifically validated measures and scales that assess the most critical concepts related to inclusion, safety, trust and experiences of bias, while maintaining user sensitivity and confidentiality.

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Expert guidance throughout your DEI journey

Understand current state

Get specialised consulting services to build a clear, visual view of your people’s current experience through your own people data to see intersectional trends.

Spot turnover points

By pairing descriptive insights with people and experiential analytics, we deliver a holistic picture of your organisation's DEI experience and its impact on employees.

Close your DEI gaps

Receive a strategic plan and roadmap from Momentive DEI experts, with clear steps for how to instill DEI within your workforce, company culture and operations.

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