Customer Effort Score

Deliver seamless experiences that drive customer loyalty by identifying and removing friction from customer interactions.


All it takes is one frustrating customer service experience and you lose a customer. Not only that, you may end up with negative reviews on social media or your website.

Use the GetFeedback Customer Effort Score (CES) solution to measure the level of effort that a customer experiences when they interact with your company, identify the specific areas that are introducing friction and act quickly to make customer interactions more effortless.

You’ll decrease customer churn, improve customer service and reduce service costs.

  • Listen to customers across multiple channels and touchpoints to identify ways to reduce overall customer effort
  • Understand your CES at an aggregate level as well as across specific touchpoints and customer segments
  • Easily share insights to drive awareness and hold other teams accountable for their role in driving more effortless experiences

Boost loyalty with effortless experiences

Give customers a voice

Listen to your customers across all touchpoints to quickly identify issues.

Improve customer service

Empower your customer service team with real-time customer analytics to take swift and effective action.

Reduce customer service costs

Use Customer Effort Score insight to improve processes and minimise costly repeat interactions.

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