Crisis Management

Get lightning-quick insights into public opinion to shape your crisis response and measure reputational impact over time.


In a crisis, you’re making tough decisions every minute. To make the right ones, you need to understand how the people that matter most to you feel and how the crisis impacts on their connection to your brand. And you need to know in minutes, rather than days or weeks. By then, it’s too late.

Our Crisis Management solution lets you tap into your most important audiences around the world, with instant access to the target markets in over 130 countries. And with AI-powered sentiment analysis, you’ll know exactly how your audience is feeling in the moment of a crisis, without having to do any analysis yourself.

A crisis can be mercifully quick or linger for years – either way, tracking the impact of the crisis and your response over time empowers you to take control of reputational issues and demonstrate the power of your PR initiatives to executive leadership.

  • Respond to anything at any time: negative coverage, recalls, offensive ads, poor service, harassment allegations and more
  • React fast and shape your crisis response with public opinion data delivered in minutes rather than days
  • Tailor your targeting to the industries, profiles and geographies that matter most to your organisation

Measure your reputation all over the world

Uncover actionable insights in your concept testing data using our AI-based methodology that eliminates manual data filtering and analysis. Our unique algorithm analyses your results against hundreds of demographic combinations so you can quickly see which concepts each demographic segment preferred.

With our integrated panel, you’ll be able to reach your ideal consumers and decision makers in minutes:

  • 144M+ people
  • 130+ countries
  • 57 languages
  • 50+ profiled attributes
  • Custom screening
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Get timely data with our powerful Crisis Management solution

Speed to insights

Uncover high-impact insights in minutes rather than months. Our automated analysis does the work for you and our AI-Powered Insights eliminate manual data processing.

Accurate data

Our always-on approach to quality management including automatic bot and fraud detection ensures that the data you capture meets industry standards.

Expert services

When bandwidth gets tight, let our market research consultants and dedicated account managers supercharge your research with our flexible engagement model.

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