Candidate Experience

Attract, engage and hire top talent by delivering an exceptional candidate experience informed by candidate feedback.


A compelling candidate experience not only increases offer acceptance rates and reduces time to fill, but it also drives successful onboarding, accelerates employee readiness and improves employer brand equity. Deliver exceptional talent to your organisation by listening to key stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

Better understand how candidates think and feel about your employer brand and align hiring programmes and practices to drive successful talent acquisition.

  • Diagnose strengths and weaknesses of your process and employer brand with candidate feedback
  • Accelerate the hiring process and reduce bias
  • Gather input from hiring managers to assess, coach and celebrate the success of your recruiting team

Recruit, hire and retain top talent

Fine-tune hiring

Improve your understanding of candidates, and better set them up for success and reduce bad hires by aligning candidate and new hire experience insights.

Increase responses

Follow up with candidates with surveys via email or via SMS. Send personalised emails and surveys with personalised URLs to foster trust and engagement.

Streamline the process

Integrate candidate experience data with your application tracking solution using our API. Automate reminders to let them know how valuable their feedback is.

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