Ad Testing

Predict the effectiveness of your campaign creative before you launch. Measure attributes such as persuasiveness, relevance and recall in as little as an hour with our AI-powered solution.


The purpose-built Ad Testing solution from Momentive is the fastest way to uncover how your campaign concepts will perform with your ideal target audience, before launch.

Use our built-in monadic methodology to get market feedback on over 15 different advertising attributes, including quality, uniqueness, believability, appeal, purchase intent, brand recall and more. Add custom questions and attributes to tailor your study to your needs. 

In as little as an hour, you’ll receive results that show how your ads compare in presentation-ready formats, including scorecards with statistical testing and industry benchmarks, open-ended text analysis, key driver analysis and PPT exports.

  • Scorecards with industry benchmarks show you which ad creative will be most successful, at a glance
  • Key driver analysis shows you which attributes are highly correlated with purchase intent
  • AI-powered insights surface trends you may have missed on your own

See which ad creative stands out as a winner

Uncover actionable insights in your ad testing data using our AI-based methodology that eliminates manual data filtering and analysis. Our unique algorithm analyses your results against hundreds of demographic combinations so you can quickly see which campaigns each demographic segment preferred.

Key benefits of our Ad Testing solution

Instant insights

Our AI-powered insights quickly identify where concepts scored well, or poorly. We automate analysis, saving you time and uncovering insights that you may have missed.

Accurate data

Reach consumers and professionals all over the world with integrated panels accessing 144M+ people in over 130 countries. Get reliable data from vetted sources.

Built-in methodology

Use our monadic approach that guarantees high-quality data. And tap into our industry benchmarks to see how your ideas compare to similar products in the market.

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