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Learn how product and innovation managers use market, customer and product insights to build, optimise and launch successful products

Get market insights throughout the entire product life cycle

Product teams can use market research to gather insights at each stage of the product life cycle

Top Momentive solutions for Product and Innovation Managers

Concept testing

Test product and feature ideas with your target market and compare to competitive benchmarks. With this expert-led solution, collect insights to optimise your new product concepts prior to launch, maximising your chances of in-market success.

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User Experience

Get in-the-moment feedback from users directly within your product, website or mobile app to improve user adoption, loyalty and satisfaction. Take full control of your digital experiences – from online marketing to logged-in product sessions – by collecting user feedback in real time.

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Product Optimisation

Develop the optimal product using conjoint analysis to understand consumer choices, trade-offs and attribute importance.

Package Testing

Get feedback on how to optimise your package design to maximise appeal with your target customer and stand out against competitors.

Price Optimisation

Find the optimal price point and range for your product or service using the Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity model.


“With the help of Momentive, we cut our product development cycle in half”

How startup Helix Sleep created winning products listening to its target market in real time

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Integrated panels, built-in methods and automated AI-powered insights allow you to get results 10 times faster

Built-in expertise

Design and run your research in record time with guided methodologies and analysis in our agile solutions

High quality, global reach

Proprietary and vetted sources give you access to 175M+ people in 130+ countries and deliver results you can trust

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