Create world-class employee experiences

See how HR leaders use Momentive Employee Experience solutions to build a better, more diverse workforce that delivers results.

Gather feedback throughout the entire employee life cycle

Attracting and retaining top talent is easier when you consistently listen to your employees.

Enable your HR team with data they need to succeed

Momentive solutions uncover candidate and employee perspectives to help people teams make better decisions.

Employee Experience

Create exceptional and inclusive experiences across the employee life cycle, from recruiting and onboarding to retention and offboarding. Our solutions and services help you gather and act on the most relevant employee insights quickly, so your programmes remain in tune with what employees need.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone, regardless of their background, can take pleasure in doing their best work. Our solutions and services help you navigate sensitive DEI topics and understand the holistic employee experience so you can improve performance over time.

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Engagement and Retention

Drive higher retention, satisfaction and productivity levels by capturing employee feedback about their work and company culture.

Return to Work

Keep your team supported and productive in the new normal with insights you require in order to understand employee needs and sentiment.

Candidate Experience

Measure and optimise your recruiting experience at every touchpoint, from application to interview to employee onboarding.


The Golden State Warriors use employee feedback to advance DEI efforts

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is at the core of everything we do. It's the lens through which we make a lot of decisions. Using pulse surveys, we're able to measure exactly how different groups experience their roles here.”

Erin Dangerfield
Senior Vice President of People and Culture

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Why choose Momentive for HR?

Quick to implement

Our intuitive software makes it easy to get up and running quickly. Get your employee experience management programme started same-day.

Connected data

Integrate employee survey results with apps you use every day, such as Zoom and Zendesk, to make capturing and sharing data easier.

Robust analytics

From Sentiment Analysis to Key Drivers, AI-powered capabilities surface exactly what’s causing how your employees are feeling.

Innovative brands rely on Momentive solutions



Setting the stage for an inclusive culture

Watch Sheryl Sandberg and Mellody Hobson discuss how leaders can shift the culture in their organisations.


How to attract and retain employees with feedback

Learn the right questions to ask so you can improve your company’s ability to attract, engage and retain talent.


Prioritising DEI is key to retention

Our latest Momentive poll shows the connection between DEI programmes and employee satisfaction.

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