Put customers at the centre of it all

Make it easier to know how customers think and feel about your brand, products and services.

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Launch in minutes, scale in days

Get started fast and understand how you stack up with benchmarkable templates for Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and more.

Centralise feedback in one place

Stay agile and iterate your approach to CX as you uncover new findings, all in one centralised location. Securely share insights across your organisation.

Give feedback context with Salesforce

Make CX insights part of every interaction and build a 360° view of your customers. Automate actions based on customer feedback.

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Customer satisfaction meter

Customer satisfaction

Measure Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) across multiple channels with custom, branded surveys, while enabling your teams to respond to feedback fast. Spark follow-up actions, especially for low scores, by integrating with your CRM. Get a complete picture of CSAT with aggregate data across multiple touchpoints.

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NPS programmes

NPS programmes

Even a single relational NPS programme can be challenging to get off the ground. Momentive gives you the tools to get started in a matter of hours, gain real insights from customers and identify promoters and detractors with ease. Spend more time acting on all the critical insights and less managing the technology.

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Deliver better experiences for your customers

Use feedback data to take quick action, improve customer retention and drive revenue.

Customer Support Leader

Go beyond just CSAT as you leverage data from multiple channels across the customer journey.

Customer Success Leader

Drive higher NPS, higher retention and revenue as you keep customers happy with your products.

Customer Experience Leader

Gain the customer insights you need to make business decisions with speed and confidence.

Digital Product Leader

Identify gaps in the customer experience journey, analyse improvement opportunities and drive transformation across products.

Digital Marketing Leader

Create an online experience that’s consistent, seamless and puts the customer at the heart of critical business decisions.

CRM Administrator

Optimise your CRM data to automate and streamline processes, provide better data and help take action at the right time.


How leading organisations improved their NPS with Momentive

Check out four lessons on improving your Net Promoter Score, inspired by Momentive customers like LG, PUMA and more.

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Innovative brands rely on Momentive solutions

Employees watching CX trends webinar


The top 3 CX trends and how to win in 2023

Discover how to drive value in 2023 by creating experiences that differentiate your brand and build customer loyalty.

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Impactful CX metrics and how to use them

Customer experience is more important than ever to an organisation’s bottom line and the right metrics can make all the difference.

Matt Dixon


Driving growth when customers don’t want to buy

Watch the fireside chat with Eric Johnson, Momentive CMO, and Matt Dixon, author of The Effortless Experience.


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