Momentive Launches Idea Screening for Fast, AI-Powered Insights on Early-Stage Creative and Product Ideas 

The solution enables marketers, product and insights professionals to identify the most compelling ideas and campaigns at the earliest stage of development 

SAN MATEO, Calif., 10 May 2022 Momentive (Nasdaq: MNTV), a leader in agile experience management, today announced the availability of Idea Screening, a new insights solution for concept and creative testing. The solution is designed to provide quick, AI-powered insights on early-stage ideas, claims or concepts so that product and marketing professionals can test idea saliency and effectiveness before investing in further development.

Idea Screening integrates industry-proven research methodology with the global Momentive panel so Idea Screening integrates industry-proven research methodology with the global Momentive panel so that users can quickly validate a large number of stimuli with hard-to-reach target audiences. Automated analysis tools, such as scorecards with statistical analysis and AI-powered insights, help to quickly identify top ideas. Its intuitive user interface allows for quick, guided project setup, and its automated analysis features allow for quick insights identification, without needing to be a research expert. Unlike current offerings from legacy agencies, which are slow and expensive, Idea Screening brings the same robust methodology to an agile software solution, reducing the time and cost of gathering insights. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Speed to insights: 
    • Users can deploy in a matter of hours with guided self-service setup or launch with the help of our success and services team.
    • Key Driver Analysis and AI-powered insights instantly surface areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, without needing to spend precious time manually analysing results. 
    • Analysis features such as scorecards with statistical testing, word clouds, crosstab reports, filters and presentation-ready deliverables offer users both high-level and detailed insights, even with a limited sample size. 
  • Built-in expertise:
    • The built-in sequential monadic research methodology and best practices offer industry-proven research design without requiring users to have deep research expertise. 
  • High-quality, global data:
    • Trusted, high-quality, well-known data is available through the global Momentive panel, allowing users to reach broad or niche audiences for B2B or B2C needs. 
    • Includes global reach through a panel of 175M+ people in 130+ countries and also offers translation services to localise research for relevant audiences. 
  • Flexibility:
    • Includes the ability to test up to 20 stimuli of any type, including video, text or image. 
    • Allows users to select from a large set of attributes or add custom attributes to test multiple stimuli.
    • Offers users the flexibility to choose how many stimuli each respondent is exposed to. 
  • Cost-effectiveness:
    • The built-in sequential monadic methodology offers a cost-effective way to test more stimuli, especially for larger studies.

“Developing creative and products that fall flat with the market is an expensive, time-consuming mistake to make. Validating ideas with data before the development stage is critical to drive success. However, data has been hard to gather when you are still in a divergent thinking phase, before you've even chosen the name, logo or design to test,” said Priyanka Carr, Chief Operating Officer of Momentive. “Idea Screening addresses this need by empowering users to quickly identify the strongest, market-moving ideas at the earliest stage of development, allowing them to build products and campaigns with the confidence that they will resonate with the market.”

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