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Building a scalable customer feedback programme

For more than a decade, YETI has been a favourite brand among outdoor enthusiasts, whether they’re blazing trails in the remote Scottish Highlands or hosting backyard barbecues. The company’s secret to creating must-have products? Maintaining a pulse on the wants, needs and lifestyles of its customers by prioritising customer feedback from Momentive.

“YETI products are durable and they're meant to last a lifetime,” said YETI Director of Customer Experience, Stephanie Stafford. “And we want those customer relationships to last a lifetime, too. We have a premium product and our service needs to match.”

In its early days, YETI primarily relied on its customer service reps to share what they’d been hearing on the phone from customers. But this wasn’t a scalable way to collect feedback, especially as the company expanded its product portfolio and grew its customer engagement channels across phone, web, chat and email. Today, YETI uses GetFeedback by Momentive to support a robust customer feedback programme, deliver a premium customer experience and build even more brand loyalty.


Momentive allows us to consolidate and synthesise the voice of the customer, which is so important for making data-driven decisions.

Stephanie Stafford

Director of Customer Experience

Optimising CX with unified feedback

By connecting feedback across touchpoints, YETI can continuously improve its customer experience. A post-purchase experience survey on its website uncovers any friction in the checkout process, while an email survey after every support interaction delivers immediate insight into customer sentiment – allowing YETI to swiftly recover unhappy customers. And because GetFeedback integrates with Salesforce, all insights are seamlessly funnelled into YETI’s CRM and connected with other customer data across the organisation.

“Feedback is our lightning rod to address issues and it’s also our North Star to be able to prioritise our projects, processes and improvements,” said Chris Hogan, associate manager of data analytics at YETI.

YETI’s dynamic customer service model combines data about average agent handle time, issue type and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores so the right rep is assigned to the right customer. This increases the chances that a customer’s issue will be addressed as quickly as possible and improves satisfaction, for both customers and employees. Plus, knowing which factors indicate a high-performing customer service rep helps YETI identify coaching opportunities and better support its team.


We rely on having agile partners who can be flexible with us. We've needed to pivot really quickly and Momentive can pivot at the same pace.

Stephanie Stafford

Director of Customer Experience

Staying agile with customer insights

Channel-specific customer insights help YETI stay agile and make more strategic moves. When the customer experience team saw that phone interactions had the highest CSAT scores, YETI extended its customer service phone hours. When its chat bot was generating lower-than-desired CSAT scores, the company focused on improvements to the bot experience.

YETI’s customer experience team reports insights, trends and recommendations to the broader organisation, and that information is key to informing the company’s direction. This includes everything from adjusting a few words in a product description to reworking the colour of a recently launched product.

“The voice of the customer drives our decisions, whether you’re on the front line or at the highest level of the board,” said Stafford. With Momentive, YETI can infuse that customer-first philosophy across the organisation and act on insights with confidence.


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