The Golden State Warriors: innovating with insights

See how the Warriors create incredible experiences with insights from their customers, employees and market.

Warriors basketball player


An organisation-wide commitment to feedback

The Golden State Warriors rely on Momentive solutions to support multiple business priorities, from influencing fan touchpoints and fostering an inclusive workforce to developing a data-driven brand that goes far beyond basketball. With actionable insights from their customers, employees and market, the Warriors are better equipped to make strategic decisions and achieve new levels of success – including an incredible boost to their Net Promoter Score® (NPS).


A dramatic NPS increase and exciting market insights


Increase in NPS after collecting feedback on digital experience


Total responses collected


Surveys sent, from COVID response surveys to brand trackers

"The world is constantly changing. All we know is that tomorrow's not going to be the same as today, so if you're not continuously adapting, continuously improving, it's hard to stay competitive."

Charles Gao

Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Analytics

Golden State Warriors

Charles Gao


How the Warriors shape what’s next

Improve the fan experience

With Momentive, the Warriors can tap into their enthusiastic fan base and keep up with customer expectations.

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Advance diversity, equity and inclusion

Learn how the Warriors measure the success of DEI initiatives and create more inclusive experiences.

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Identify market opportunities

Momentive solutions allow the Warriors to understand their market, extend their reach and elevate their brand.

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