How Auto Trader optimises digital CX with real-time user feedback


How Auto Trader optimises digital CX with real-time user feedback

See how Auto Trader uses Momentive to improve customer loyalty and drive higher NPS response rates.

Brittany Klokkenga

30 September 2022 | 1 min read


Auto Trader is the UK and Ireland's largest digital automotive marketplace, with over 50 million website visits each month. A lot rides on its digital experience, so when the company identified Net Promoter Score® (NPS) issues throughout 2020, it knew it needed to act. 

NPS survey engagement was low, and although mobile NPS surveys were targeting 30% of Auto Trader’s audience, they only returned a 0.07% conversion rate. Additionally, Auto Trader's NPS was fluctuating month over month due to the targeting of other surveys on the site, which were overly complex and led to the NPS survey competing for traffic. This led to a drop in response in October 2020 to 53.6% on the company’s desktop NPS survey.

To transform the digital customer experience and drive customer loyalty, Auto Trader turned to Momentive. The company focused on overcoming its NPS hurdles by gaining real-time insight into customers’ technical site issues and automatically sharing them with the appropriate teams, speeding up resolution times and improving the customer experience.

A low-intrusion way to gather valuable customer feedback

Rob Chisholm, senior business analyst at Auto Trader, knew his team needed an agile solution to run a rapid proof of concept on real-time bug reporting. Chisholm saw value within a few hours of deploying a website feedback button with GetFeedback by Momentive. In fact, the first responses were yielded within minutes, enabling Chisholm's team to quickly identify and address an on-page website problem. 

Chisholm also wanted to gain insight into Auto Trader’s mobile search form, which the company had recently added to the desktop version of its site without applying any optimisations. With Momentive, he gathered 440 responses from customers within days. Customers stated that the page was too long, but they also said that they shouldn’t have to visit two pages to complete the search form. So the Auto Trader web team collapsed the search form and made additional changes based on the broad set of customer feedback.

Today, Auto Trader is capturing customer sentiment across numerous pages and benefiting from GetFeedback’s auto-labelling feature. All issues are filtered, grouped, labelled and then automatically routed to the appropriate teams for review and resolution.

Plus, using the ‘open cookie’ feature, Auto Trader can request an NPS score from a user on a one-off basis. “Optimised feedback timing means we are not pestering a user multiple times in the same journey,” said Chisholm.

Momentive targeting options are a great way to gather insights efficiently. Without bothering all site users, we still obtain the high-value insights we need to continue improving the CX.

Rob Chisholm

Senior Business Analyst

Increasing NPS response rates

Momentive helps Auto Trader gather high-quality, relevant and actionable customer insights more efficiently. Under this more targeted method, Auto Trader recently sought NPS feedback from 5,000 users and received as many responses as it did when targeting 700,000 users with their old system. Similarly, Auto Trader now targets just 5% of mobile users versus its previous 30%.

Automation speeds up Auto Trader's entire feedback collection-labelling-dissemination process, and Chisholm’s team has rapidly boosted the mood score and user experience on multiple pages by making rapid fixes.

We can filter a ton of information and know the percentage of users highlighting a few key issues. Getting that information to relevant teams quicker means faster resolutions and happier customers.

Rob Chisholm

Senior Business Analyst

Chisholm also noted the importance of additional information that gives context to customer feedback. His team appends custom parameters (e.g. browser OS information) to Momentive URL data and page screenshots to quickly discover problems on particular platforms. The grouping done by Momentive reveals the highest-volume problems, enabling teams to act faster on priority issues.

Finally, Auto Trader leverages Momentive to research B2C and B2B aspects of the business to improve the retailers' experience and optimise business models. To date, Auto Trader has yielded a 100% NPS response rate and improved mobile NPS response targeting rates by 83%.

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